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What To Expect

   After we set date, time, and place we will discuss things like props and outfits. (Furry friends are ALWAYS welcome)

What To Wear

Do's: Solid colors are always safe along with layers. Layers add depth and can change photos without needing a full outfit change. shoes can complete a look, boots and sandals are always nice. Colors are very important in shoots when there are more then one person because you want colors that blend well together. Feel free to bring fun hats or blankets they always add to the photo. 

Don'ts: Avoid busy designs like stripes and intricate floral. Its best to avoid writing on your clothing as well unless you are wanting to make a statement with it. shoes...please just never wear flip flops. 


I will help you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera. I know plenty of tips and tricks to help with posing as well. Just have fun! Move around do some spins. These photos are of you "In The Now" so just be yourself.

When Will You Get Your Photos

I do my best to get photos out within a week but sometimes life gets busy so it could take two weeks, but never more than that. You will have your own Digital folder on my website with its own password so only you can view/download your photos.

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